Olde World Stone and Tile Molds
Customer Comments and Feedback

Thank you SO MUCH for your response! I can count on two fingers the number of people who actually do respond at all when I email websites (out of a number I’ve lost count of)… you’ve helped tremendously.  I’ll be back to your site as soon as I get things organized – thanks again! Sherri

Howdy... I bought 12 molds, (series 2) and love 'em. How about sending me a paypal invoice for another (different 12) river rock molds??? THANKS!

NOTICE:  To protect the privacy of our customers, we have not included their contact information here.  It is on file at our office should you have a legitimate reason for wanting to check the authenticity of their comments.

Hi and hope that your Sunday is going great. Pretty weather right now here in Texas. We need another five pounds of colorant for our project and THANK YOU for the Terra Cotta last order, we LOVE it! Please send me a bill and I will pay immediately via paypal. Thank you so much, you have been a tremendous help. Sincerely, Cynthia

I didn't think that I could do this, but I was proven wrong.  You were right John... the tiles ARE beautiful.  And thank you for always being there to answer my stupid questions.